The Volkswagen Saveiro

  • Motor:1.6 L
  • Versions:Single Cab, Double Cab
  • Starting at:$35,162 p/m*
  • Transmission:5 Speed Manual
  • Torque:143 Nm

Compact Body, Massive Power!

The Volkswagen Saveiro stands in its intended purpose. It's first and foremost an honest labourer of a pickup. The expression of its purpose starts from its very design. No fake chrome, or faux fender flares are to be found in an attempt to create superficial intrigue. One look and two elements are clear: it's a small pickup truck and it's a Volkswagen.

The Saveiro carries a powerful 1.6L MSI engine which allows the powerhouse to provide optimum performance with a low fuel consumption. A 5 speed mechanical gearbox and torque of 143 NM at 2,500 rpm gives the pick-up the ability to supply the driver with the necessary power and comfort that is suited for day-to-day tasks.

The Saveiro's size is its key advantage. No bigger than your regular sedan it can zip through traffic, be parked in spaces and at angles unavailable to its larger rivals. 99 HP from a 1.6L engine, the Saveiro is punchy in any of its five gears. The heavy-duty suspension allows the fully lined cargo bed to handle its capacity. Unshackled from cargo, the Saveiro is very car-like in its driving experience.

The Saveiro’s surprising power is only matched by its spatial capacity- the small shaped model is able to transport and fit a full size palette in its loading bed. The impressive space in the rear of this pick-up makes it the ideal choice for persons who provide hauling and loading services on a smaller scale. The double cab Saveiro offers seating for four which translates to an impressively comfortable ride for those inside.


The interior of the Saveiro is designed to invite you to enjoy this pick up, its impeccable finish is perceived in the new air outlets and inserts offering excellent ergonomics with easy access to several commands, designed to respond quickly to any situation.

  1. Touchscreen Infotainment System
  2. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  3. Climatic Air Conditioning System
  4. Fabric Upholstery
  5. Power Windows
  6. Central Lock


This pick-up is big on safety, surpassing expectations with double front airbags and ABS brakes, in addition to disc brakes in all 4 wheels that respond to emergency braking.


  • 5 speed Manual Transmissio
  • Heavy-duty Suspension
  • Full Cargo Bed Liner
  • Full Cargo Bed Marine Cover
  • Cargo Bed Light
  • Drivers and Front Seat Air Bags
  • Front Fog Light
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Rear Sensors Available in Single & Double Cab

The Volkswagen Saveiro surpasses expectations with its agility and power. With its unique design the Saveiro supports all the demands of work. Experience the compact pick-up that is the epitome of comfort and versatility.

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